What is CASE

The Short History of CASE

The Community for Autonomous Scientific Experimentation (CASE), as an idea, was brought forward during the April 2021 Autonomous Discovery workshop organized by CAMERA. In the following months, a team of organizers got together to discuss what this community would be all about. The organizing committee fully formed in January 2022 and quickly realized that, while many communities around similar topics existed, they were often difficult to navigate and utilize for communication and collaboration.  This motivated the main mission of CASE: Free and informal information exchange. Every member has the ability to engage, share their research, and communicate with other members.

Values of CASE

The emphasis is on simplicity and informality. Every member can use this platform to share any information related to the main topic. This includes advertising conferences, events, software, papers, and any other related information.

To engage beyond what is available on this website, please reach out to one of the organizers:

Marcus Noack: MarcusNoack@lbl.gov

Kevin Yager: kyager@bnl.gov 

Vikas Varshney: vikas.varshney.2@us.af.mil

B. Reeja Jayan: bjayan@andrew.cmu.edu

Kristofer Reyes: kreyes3@buffalo.edu

Jin Qian: jqian2@lbl.gov