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The Community for Autonomous Scientific Experimentation

Mission of CASE

The application of AI/ML methods to experimental and computational sciences, in order to enable autonomy and accelerate discovery, has become an extremely exciting and rapidly-evolving field. The goal of this community is to bring together researchers in this field to discuss developments and share best practices. It is our hope that people will use this website as a resource to connect with other like-minded people and to find information about methods, applications, literature and software tools.

Origin Story

In April 2021, CAMERA (The Center for Advanced Mathematics for Energy Research Applications) held a workshop titled "Autonomous Discovery in Science and Engineering". One of the key takeaways of that workshop was that Autonomous Experimentation is a multi-faceted endeavor that needs mastery in many different areas of expertise to be executed succesfully for any given set of instruments. CASE was created to facilitate collaborations and information exchange to accelerate the adoption of autonomous methods and aid scientific discovery.

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